SUSTAINABILITYWork style/diversity

Career Support System

Career request application system

This is the transfer request application system aiming to place the right people in the right position and develop the careers of employees.
The purpose is to provide employees with an impetus to consider their own career autonomously such as the initiatives they wish to carry out in their business division and challenges they want to take on outside the business division.

Job posting system

This is the system to transfer an employee to “outside” the business division according to the employee’s own desire.
The concerned business division discloses the position and condition it requires and applicants apply for the position. The person to be transferred is decided after document screening and interview with the applicants by the recruiting business division.
This is the system that facilitates an employee’s career formation across a variety of business divisions.
This system aims at autonomous career formation of employees and invigoration of the organization.

Self-assessment system

This is the system to encourage an employee to review their strengths or preferences.
It aims at promoting mutual understanding, career development, business improvement, etc. by leveraging the contents filled in the self-assessment form in the interview with the supervisor.

Start-up Support System

Based on the basic idea of the Mynavi Group, this system was created as “the system to support an employee to perform a challenge to make a big leap in their life inside or outside of the company.”
It provides start-up support for an employee who has five or more years of service with the company.


Success of women

The ratio of female managers reached 32.4% in October 2019, since job appointment and training of women have been performed based on their ability and performance rather than their gender while preparing the working environment according to their life stage such as acquisition of child‐care leave, reduction of working hours, or staggered commuting.
We commit to the promotion of initiatives that support women to develop their long term career plans and participate even more actively in the company.

Employment of handicapped people

The Mynavi Group performs its recruitment activity based on its policy that “we make arrangements for handicapped people and do not assume a reserved attitude about them.”
It is important for us to find how they contribute to the profits and how they realize their existence value.
For example, there are various performance types including enhanced business productivity, planning, improvement of business efficiency, etc.
We expect them to think by themselves about ways to contribute to the company and generate new works that show the value that can be “realized only by them.”

Benefits Program

Discount aid for home cleaning service

The user can get a predefined discount when they use the home cleaning service in partnership.

My care room


The massage rooms exclusively for employees are opened in Takebashi, Shinjuku, and Osaka.
They are actively used to maintain employees’ physical health as well as for refreshment between work since all practitioners are nationally qualified.

Life plan system

This system supports the building of post-retirement funds. Employees can select one plan from two plans, one of which is the “life plan pension” plan with which they save a specific amount of money to the defined contribution pension, and the other of which is the “life plan allowance” plan with which they receive a specific amount of money included in the salary.
Furthermore, if an employee used the defined contribution pension plan at their former job, they can also enter the Mynavi’s system to transfer the balance.

Consultation service for anything

An external consultation service is established, to which employees can feel free to consult about their worries (EAP service).
A professional counselor will find the way to solve the worries in cooperation with an employee using the cognitive behavioral therapy method, including “the personal relationship in the office,” “career consultation,” “private human relationship and family relationships,” etc.
An employee can use the service at ease since their privacy is strictly protected and the name of the consulter and the contents are not disclosed to the company side unless they give permission to disclose them.