Our policy on society

At the Mynavi Group, we defy stereotypes and endeavor to offer new services that are able to meet a variety of stakeholder needs and address all kinds of social issues.
Not only do we support career development and help create a better work environment, but we also innovate to broaden people’s potential, thereby contributing to the development of society.

In addition, as the working population decreases and work styles become increasingly diversified, we consider that it is important to provide, through our businesses, an environment in which all workers are able to envision a better future, while also creating in our Group workplaces where all employees are able to demonstrate their ability.

We work to enhance employees’ well-being and provide workplaces where employees are able to feel a sense of fulfillment about their work and perform at their best. In addition, we accept diverse values and value respecting all people we work with, while also working to create an organizational culture in which diverse people are able to demonstrate their ability, regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, or whether they have disabilities or not.