Company Profile

  • Trade Name of the Company

    Mynavi Corporation

  • Company Address

    1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003

  • Representative

    Yoshiaki Tsuchiya

  • Date of Establishment

    August 15, 1973

  • Business Purposes(Whole Group)

    (1)     Newspaper issuance, publication business and electronic publication business

    (2)     Employment information provision and consulting in relation to job offer and employment activities

    (3)     Advertising, publicity and public relations

    (4)     Worker dispatching business

    (5)     Fee-charging employment placement business

    (6)     Planning, design and implementation of seminars, lectures, training courses and other events

    (7)     Consulting, education and training for human resources development and corporation management

    (8)     Provision of information on recruitment by high schools, universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., and consulting on student recruiting

    (9)     Operation and outsourced operation of various certification examinations

    (10)   Provision of wedding-related information

    (11)    Provision of information on agriculture

    (12)   Provision of information on medical institutions

    (13)   Travel agency

    (14)   Planning, design and implementation of cultural, research, artistic, sports and other projects for international exchange

    (15)   Services related to solicitation for life insurance and non-life insurance agencies

    (16)   Management of various schools and business correspondence courses and sale of related products

    (17)   Interpretation and translation business

    (18)   Development, operation and maintenance of computer systems

    (19)   Planning, development, production, sale and import/export of computer programs, game programs, video programs, and music programs

    (20)   Information processing and information provision services using telephones and other telecommunication lines as well as computer systems

    (21)   Operation and management of contact centers

    (22)   Business process outsourcing service

    (23)   Provision of system development and outsourcing service in relation to salary payment

    (24)   Maps and geospatial data production service with computing

    (25)   Planning, sale, import/export of household goods, clothes and dry goods, accessories, stuffed dolls, food and beverages, etc., as well as intermediary service relating thereto

    (26)   Management, administration and operation as well as planning and development of restaurants

    (27)   Management, administration, operation and planning of accommodation facilities

    (28)   Online retailing

    (29)   Sale of agricultural products, processed goods, etc.

    (30)   Information provision, planning and consulting in relation to the Furusato Nozei (hometown tax donation) program

    (31)   Planning and operation of auctions

    (32)   Sending agency for publications and goods

    (33)   Administration, operation, sale and intermediary service of copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property

    (34)   Trading of various credit

    (35)   Intermediary, brokerage, consulting, and advisory services related to M&A

    (36)   Lease, trading, intermediary service and brokerage of real estate and their administrative service

    (37)   Management, administration and operation of buildings and their planning and development

    (38)   Care and welfare business

    (39)   Manufacture, sale and import/export of medicines, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, medical equipment, health food and related goods

    (40)   Any other business incidental to the businesses referred to in any of the above items

  • Capital

    2,102.1 million yen

  • Board Members

    Representative Director,President and Executive Officer:Yoshiaki Tsuchiya
    Director and  Senior Managing Executive Officer:Tatsuya Nishi
    Director and  Senior Managing Executive Officer:Kiichiro Shibusawa
    Director and Managing Executive Officer:Tomomi Yamamoto
    Director and Managing Executive Officer:Kazumasa Yoshida
    Director and Managing Executive Officer:Tatsuyuki Uchida
    Outside Director:Chikatomo Hodo
    Outside Director:Akira Takeuchi
    Outside Director:Hideki Hiraki
    Outside Director:Miho Etou
    Standing Corporate Auditor:Kazushi Mochizuki
    Corporate Auditor:Kazuo Yamasaki
    Corporate Auditor:Asuka Nakamura
    Corporate Auditor:Yuko Furumoto
    Advisor:Okinobu Hirai
    Advisor:Atsushi Amano

  • Number of Employees

    About 13,590 (As of January, 2024) Mynavi Group as a whole