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A lot of exciting information for teens!
- Along Harajuku Takeshita Street! Entertainment food court!
The entertainment food court ”dream * station JOL Harajuku” at Takeshita Street that has one million visitors in a year, which is a regular spot for high-school girls where they can attend free live concerts of music artists and fix their makeup!
A lot of challenges that teens are excited ♡ about
- One of the largest challenge sites for teens
The challenge site for members, “Mynavi Teens,” which provides excitement for teenage girls. It provides support for new challenges for teen girls, including events, attendance to previews, gifts, questionnaires, etc. It also delivers the information of “Dream * Station JOL Harajuku” operated as a real transmission point.
Provide university students with present and future opportunities
- The Web media that suggests opportunities to university students Filled with articles and events that provide support for the future of university students.
Provides one-stop support for the period from entrance to graduation. It is the information media that provides necessary information for university students from an aspect that can convey the meaning to them.
Start from here, to the future
- Website for high school students to explore their future possibilities by learning from businesses to “acquire the ability to live”
Companies respond to “our desires” and “social issues.” Learning from businesses gives the students real knowledge to resolve the issues in the real world. ”Locus” is the foundation for learning from businesses and considering the way to self-cultivation and the measures to resolve issues toward better communities and societies. It provides the study program “to develop the quality and ability required to become a creator of the future society while collaborating and cooperating with the society” which is requested by the new Education Ministry guidelines.
Advancement to school of higher grade and beyond it
- The career path information portal site that helps graduates to find “what they would like to be.”
“Mynavi Shingaku” is an information site in which the information of universities, collages, and vocational schools is posted for high school students who are considering their career path. In addition to the school information, various information is updated, including the information of school tour, open campus, entrance examination, and admission application. In order for high school students to learn “what kind of member of society they want to be” and “for that purpose what kind of subject they have to learn” from their high school days, it publishes free advancement information magazines and hosts advancement events to help them find their career path and schools which are appropriate for them.
Change your favorites to part-time work.
- Provides you with support for searching for part-time work that suits you
“Mynavi Baito” is the information website for part-time jobs, which posts the employment information of part-time jobs across the country. It gathers a wealth of employment information and allows the user to search for the desired jobs based on the conditions such as the work location, train line, nearest station, job category, treatment, etc. It also offers several applications that pursue matching between the users and the employment information and operates the websites specialized in the employment in the apparel business and the manufacturing industry.
Supporting the future, with a new job you can look forward to.
- Recruitment service specialized for qualified medical care and nursing care workers
“Mynavi Comedical” offers a wealth of recruitment and career change information for medical care and healthcare workers, including occupational therapist, physical therapist, laboratory medical technologist, laboratory radiation technologist, managerial dietician, etc. One hundred or more career advisors specialized in the medical care and nursing care industry across the country offer the recruitment information appropriate to each individual job seeker. Strongly supports successful career change activities to achieve secure participation in the new job by providing minute follow-up actions such as correction of application forms or preparation for interviews.
Provide support for those seeking international employment
- The employment information site for students studying abroad and bilinguals
“Mynavi Global Career” is the employment information site that links the students, most of whom are Japanese with experience of studying abroad, and companies seeking global human resources. It provides employment counseling for students studying abroad and hosts events such as “Global Career Expo.” It provides both students and companies with wide support for global employment regardless of the place, home or abroad, or the method, online or off-line through its online job searching website “Online Job Matching” which hosts all explanatory meetings and interviews online.
Finding friendly minds for career change.
- Comprehensive recruitment service provided by Mynavi
“Mynavi AGENT” is the recruitment service with high user satisfaction through reliable career change consulting. Career advisors specialized in each business category or job type provide steady support for career change activities by thoroughly understanding the important points related to the desires of job seekers. Career advisors include a number of workers with practical work experience in each industry. It is possible to offer the “best-match” recruitment based on the accurate understanding of recruitment needs of the industry.
The career change site that provides support for your career change
- Career change website for members of society
“Mynavi Tenshoku” is the comprehensive career change information website used by a wide range of job seekers across the country, centering around the young members of society who are familiar with the Mynavi brand. The users can swiftly find the best information meeting their desires from a variety of employment information since it has plenty of employment information unique to Mynavi Tenshoku. It also has the fulfilling support system for preparation of resumes and interviews. It also holds regular career change events such as “Mynavi Tenshoku Fair” across the country and each event has acquired a good reputation.
Comprehensive information for nursing students
- The comprehensive information website for nursing students
“Mynavi Kangogakusei” is the comprehensive information website for nursing students who aim to be a nurse. Provides various information required for a nursing student to be a nurse such as the hospital information used to find a job, on-the-job training, preparation for national examination, etc. We have a lot of nursing student users who begin to use when they are freshmen. We also hold one of the biggest joint hospital explanatory meetings, “Mynavi job seeking seminar for nursing students,” across the country. We place emphasis on mutual communications and provide them with support for being the nurse they want to be.
Recruitment website for career change/part-time job specialized in welfare and care staff
- Provide real information about the workplace environment in the welfare and care industry
“Mynavi Fukushi・Kaigonoshigoto” is the recruitment website for career change/part-time job specialized in welfare and care staff. “It posts highly selective recruitment information for the job types related to the welfare and care industry, starting with the care staff. It aims to be the career change website that can be used to easily search for the facilities or offices well matched to the user by preparing the information that conveys the real atmosphere of the workplace in order to implement appropriate matching.”
Employment support service for global human resources
- Employment support service for international students seeking jobs in Japan and Japanese students with study abroad experience
GlobalAgent is the employment support service for international students seeking jobs in Japan and Japanese students with study abroad experience. A specialized career advisor conducts an interview with each student and introduces companies which are appropriate to their desires and competence. In addition to correction of resumes and preparation for interviews, it also holds regular courses about the job-seeking culture and the business manner specific to Japan.
Career change for achieving your dream in medicine
- Recruitment service specialized for medical doctors
“Mynavi DOCTOR” is the career change support service that provides the latest recruitment information for doctors, including recruitment of full-time, spot, and part-time. Specialized career partners with wide insights about the medical treatment industry provides careful consultation based on the understanding of both the needs of doctors and the medical institutions. Since there are eleven business offices across the country, the career partner can check and show the recruitment conditions in the requested area if you specify the desired area when you relocate.
Be a business advisor who takes on innovation challenges.
- Recruitment service specialized for tax accountants
“Mynavi Zeirishi” is the recruitment service specialized for tax accountants. Advisors who are specialized in and familiar with the career-change market for accounting offices and tax accountants’ corporations are prepared to provide support for better matching between corporations and job seekers. Since a number of tax accountants who want to make a career change usually require not only to improve their annual income, the working environment, and the corporate culture but also to enhance their skill and specialty, we propose the best suited new employment opportunities that satisfy the career changer’s desire based on the understanding of each corporation’s strong points.
Employment preparation website for students who are going to graduate in 2024
- The employment information website for students who are going to graduate in 2024.
Prepares a wealth of employment information of companies and the job-seeking support contents to provide support for job-search activities.
If you are a student who is currently in university, graduate school, two-year college, technical college, or professional school and is going to graduate in 2024, please use this website.
Being the wind in the sails of your ambition.
- Recruitment service specialized for executives
“Mynavi EXECUTIVE AGENT” is the recruitment service for global human resources and executive level positions who are expected to work actively both in Japan and abroad. A specialized career advisor offers the recruitment information that can derive the ability and willingness from the job seeker to the maximum based on the thorough understanding of career and new direction. It provides strong support for job seeking of the human resources who wish to proceed to the new stage for improvement of own skills and aims to be the world-class human resources.
Comprehensive information for medical students and doctors-in-training
- The comprehensive information website for medical students and doctors-in-training
“Mynavi RESIDENT” is “the search site of clinical training hospitals” for medical students and doctors-in-training, and it is also the social networking service exclusively for the members. It enables to promote communication between “medical students and doctors-in-training” and “hospitals, medical doctors, and senior doctors-in-training” by linking them, and it also prepares a lot of benefits produced by using the contents exclusively for members and the point system. It also hosts the event “Mynavi RESIDENT FESTIVAL” across the country in which participants can directly meet with each other.
Offering new options for all athletes
- The website provides support for career development, finding employment, and career change
Provides athletes with unique support to link them with companies in order to prepare the place for athletes with brilliant achievements based on the understanding of anxiousness and worries about the competition life.
Welcome any online consultation and support. We consider the athletes’ future together and offer the best career support.
Specialized advisers, working as a bridge between “job-seeking students” and “companies”
- Recruitment (employment agent) service for recent graduates
“Mynavi Shinsotushokai” is the recruitment (employment agent) service for recent graduates. Well-experienced career advisors who have deep understanding of the employment situation of recent graduates perform an interview (face-to-face, by telephone, or on the Web) with individual job-seeking students and offer recruitment requests which are appropriate to their desires and competence. Furthermore, in addition to hosting the job-seeking support seminar for registered students, it provides them with broad support toward getting an official job offer, including advice related to the key points of paperwork such as ES and the interview, and adjustment of the test schedule.
Career change to provide nursing care suitable for each individual.
- Recruitment service specialized for qualified care worker
“Mynavi Kaigosyoku” provides the career change support service for the welfare and care staff such as care workers, care managers, and social workers. Career advisors specialized in the care industry offer the recruitment information that matches the user’s desire. Furthermore, it strongly supports career change activities by providing minute follow-up actions such as correction of application form or preparation for interviews.
Career change to establish the position at the center of the business.
- Recruitment service specialized for accountants
“Mynavi Kaikeishi” is the recruitment service specialized for certified public accountants. A career advisor carefully conducts an interview with the accountant and offers him/her an employment offer which can develop his/her potential to the maximum. Provide swift matching between increasingly diversified needs such as accounting offices and consulting firms, as well as global fields, the management partner, stock offering of venture company and job seekers who wish to get such a job.
Satisfactory career change for going forward into the future.
- Recruitment service specialized for pharmacist
“Mynavi Yakuzaishi” is a recruitment service specialized for pharmacists, which has a lot of users and a high level of satisfaction. The career advisors who are specialized in the industry provide the consulting service for career change and employment according to the desire of each individual pharmacist. It also hosts regular career change counseling meetings with career advisors. It also addresses the desires of pharmacists who want to work in industries other than pharmacies such as the clinical trial industry, hospitals, drugstores, etc., by providing minute and empathic advice based on the large number of available jobs and actual performance in the industry.
Happy career changes for you who work hard.
- Recruitment service specialized for nurses
“Mynavi Kangoshi” is one of the biggest recruitment and career change sites in Japan. From the business locations across the country, professional career advisors visit hospitals, facilities, clinics, nursing homes, home-visit nursing stations, and companies seeking workers to thoroughly check the latest recruiting situations, the atmosphere in the hospital and the personality of the chief nurse, utilization results of maternity leave and paid vacation, and the nursing system. Our career advisors provide the maximum support for nurses considering career change so that they can get an ideal job and workplace.
Change to a career with the smiles of children.
- Recruitment service specialized for childminders
In “Mynavi Hoikushi” career advisors familiar with nursery schools and the corporations that operate nursery schools provide recruitment information that matches the user’s desires. Career advisors include fathers and mothers using a nursery school and persons with childminder experience. They offer in-depth information required for job finding. We also provide support for satisfactory career change and job seeking activities responding to the desires of qualified childminders who wish to actively work in a variety of fields such as a day-care center in a company in addition to kindergartens and nursery schools.
Let’s find the career change agent just for you.
- The career change portal leveraging the employment information of recruitment agents
“Mynavi Tenshoku Agent Search” is the career change information website with undisclosed information and employment information of major companies which are held by recruitment agents. The recruitment consultant checks and confirms the career and the desire of the job searcher and finds and presents the recruitment and career change information appropriate to them. From among the plentiful job postings, the job searcher can search the recruitment information by not only specifying detailed search conditions by themselves, but also selecting the consultant or the recruitment agent specialized in a specific field.
Comprehensive agriculture information site
“Mynavi Nougyo” is the comprehensive information site that covers various information about agriculture. It is featured by the information gathered for all interested parties related to “agriculture” including the farm sources related to production, processing, and distribution of agricultural crops as well as new applicants to agriculture and general consumers. We commit to provide a variety of contents ranging from the latest news about agriculture, interviews with farm sources, to introduction of recipes using agricultural crops.
Our love for our hometown builds its future.
“Furusato Nozei” portal website

“Mynavi Furusato Nozei” is a portal website where you can support local governments across Japan through the hometown tax donation service. The website allows you to search for thank you gifts both by category and by area, offering a full range of seasonal features and campaigns. The website also features articles on the basics of the hometown tax donation service, fascinating thank you gifts, and the ways your donations are used. Mynavi Furusato Nozei aims to help local governments revitalize their regions by informing its users of efforts made in each region.

Make the wedding ceremony just for the couple
- A comprehensive information website for preparing the wedding ceremony
“Mynavi Wedding” is the wedding information website sticking to the users’ viewpoints for “the important day their wish is realized.” There are plenty of measures prepared to provide the shortest path to get to the desired information required to realize the ideal wedding ceremony for the couple, including not only the know-how of preparing the wedding ceremony but also the information of wedding chapels in various domestic and overseas areas, engagement and wedding rings, dresses and beauty salons, actual experiences of already-married women, etc. There are also enriched limited plans and bride support campaigns prepared.
For dual-income couples during nursing – child-raising jointly by the couple –
- The information website that provides support for dual-income couples during nursing
“Mynavi Kosodate” is the media that provides support for mothers during pregnancy or nursing and dual-income couples. It accompanies the mothers and fathers who have anxiousness and worries and guide them through their pregnancy or nursing life positively. Based on the concept of “child-raising jointly by the couple!”, it delivers reliable information supervised by the doctors and useful information provided by experts.
A guide prepared for the career woman life
- The comprehensive website for career women
“Mynavi Woman” is the comprehensive woman website that contains plenty of useful information for career women. It covers the categories in which career women are interested such as love, beauty, business, money, etc. It delivers tips every day for resolving worries at a milestone of life such as interviews with talked-about persons, trend information, columns on love or jobs, etc. It is a form of media to help career women navigate making changes to take one step forward by providing options for different lives.
Comprehensive information website that conveys the future situation arising from the current news
- The news portal that delivers the latest and best information
“Mynavi News” is the comprehensive news portal consisting of four categories and twelve channels in total, including “business,” “digital,” “life,” “entertainment,” etc. covering from work to personal life, and delivers thousands of articles per month to offer unparalleled communication power. In order to deliver the timely information which “we want to know right now,” it has plenty of functions such as the recommend and ranking functions and also conducts participatory projects such as questionnaires, contests, seminars, etc.
Helps you carefully select items through mail-order.
- Secure and convenient shopping support media
“Mynavi Osusumenavi” is the shopping information media that responds to the needs of customers who want to do satisfactory shopping through mail-order. We are living in days in which we do not have to go to the store front for shopping, but we also feel anxious since “I cannot touch and check actual goods” or “Is word-of-mouth communication reliable enough?” In the posted articles, our experts with wide knowledge about each category make comments on how to select goods and deliver the information of recommended goods every day to ensure secure Internet shopping.
Making housework easy. Happiness for the family.
- EC service for household goods
“kurasso” is a shopping site for household goods that makes life more convenient and affluent.
It offers a wide variety of simple, natural, high-quality items with functionality and design that fit in with any interior decor, including kitchen appliances, laundry goods, storage items, and kids’ items. It also carries stylish, hot, and popular items that are featured on social and other media.
Comprehensive Information Site Regarding Career and Employment Support for Higher Education Institutions

“Mynavi Career Support” is a comprehensive information site aimed at educational faculty in charge of career and employment support. It provides examples of support at universities, explanations of timely topics, seminars for educational faculty, and more. When students complete their long educational journeys, institutions send them out into society. We align with all of you who shoulder that crucial role and duty, delivering information that can assist in supporting these students.


The information media that addresses the issues of employment, human resource development and organizational strategy
It is the information media intended to provide support for the person responsible for employment of recent graduates and mid-career employment, managers, and every businessperson related to interviews and training, to promote employment, human resource development and organizational strategy. The need to execute the strategy that is developed by redefining the human resources as more important management capital and looking into the future is increasing since changes and higher speed are required for the way of business and operation today. HUMAN CAPITAL Suponet promotes growth of your company by closely cooperating with you who are responsible to the important role of human resource development and organizational strategy which open the future of the company.
Web site to find human resource related challenges in the company
- Delivers useful information related to organizations and human affairs such as the insights obtained by think tank activities, articles about company interviews by researchers, etc.
HR Trend Lab was established as a new function of the Mynavi training service that provides companies and administrative agencies with human resource development services. Recently, the roles assumed by the human affairs department have been increasingly complicated, including the resolution of employment difficulties, prevalence of diversified ways of working, and technical aspects like the advancement of HR technology. It contributes to finding of human affairs related issues and resolution of the problems by providing the users with the insights and data of HR accumulated by the Mynavi training service.
The media which delivers part-time employment information across the country
- Deliver the “knowledge” of Mynavi Part-time Work accumulated thus far, such as the know-how related to part-time work
“Nalevi” is the owned media oriented to corporations, which publishes the “knowledge, experiences, cases (lessons)” of employment of part-time workers accumulated thus far on the Web, so that corporations and stores that have difficulties in employment of part-time workers can swiftly find the clues to resolve their problems. We commit to provide the latest information at all times as the recruitment navigator in order to contribute to resolution of the difficulties in employment of part-time workers.
Consider the way to “work” tomorrow
- Research website specialized in providing the information used to consider employment and career through investigation and data
“Mynavi Career Research Lab” is the website that provides information useful for considering the state of employment and personal career through various investigation data and reports related to employment and labor.
Thinking about your future together
- An information site that focuses on educational options and career choices after graduating from high school

“Mynavi Shingaku Sougoukenkyujo” conducts various surveys to help high school students determine their future courses.

By providing various information and survey results concerning current and future options for education and careers, the institute helps each student make the best choice.

Employment support website for nurses, pharmacists, and care staff
Medical Suponet aims to “provide useful information” to the managers, clerical supervisors, nursing directors, and administration staff of medical institutions and health insurance pharmacies, nursing-care facilities and home-visit care business. It delivers a variety of information such as the information and know-how accumulated by Mynavi thus far, the market data of career changers and the medical care and nursing care industries, the administrative information including revised medical treatment fees and nursing-care benefits, key points of employment, career development, and retention of human resources.
Transmit the latest information of teenager marketing!
- Comprehensive site of teenager marketing
“Mynavi Teens Lab” provides the information useful for those considering teen promotion such as case examples of promotion for teens, the latest trend of teens, the research data independently studied for 70 thousand members.
For more energetic people and more powerful organizations
- Provides support for resolving issues of human resource development and building strong organizations through preparation of training and educational materials, diagnostic tools, and system services
“Mynavi Kensyu Service” prepares training programs and education materials corresponding to various needs, such as those classified for each layer from the recruitment staff, new employees, to the management layer. It also provides support for development of organizations through various services such as the survey and talent management system that visualizes the organizational status. It supports resolution of all issues related to “people ” and “the organization.”
Find a room for a business stay
- New company residence service promoting the employees’ engagement
“Mynavi Biz” proposes and offers the best property corresponding to the needs (location and room layout, budget, size, etc.) of companies in various business scenes such as training, relocation, official trip, project, and employment of foreign staff. We contribute to organizational vitalization and productivity improvement of companies by providing support for comfortable living space and security and safety after residence to the employee who moved in.
Healthy and sound future for people and organizations.
- The BtoB service for management support based on the human resources

“Mynavi Healthy Corporate Management” is the BtoB matching service developed based on the three major concepts including “corporate vitalization by human resources,” “regional revitalization and regional recreation,” and “corporation reborn” centering around the trust relationship with the corporations and management layers in various industries.

It aims at improving the branding of “the corporation in which employees are always healthy, enthusiastic, and active” and enhancing the employment and retention status and the corporate values centering around the five main pillars including  “Mynavi Temporary Transfer Support,” “Mynavi Temporary Exchange of Employee between Companies,” “Mynavi Advisor,” Welfare Program, and SDGs Support.

Overview of the YELLoop service
- Cheering on connected people with “yells”. A community support service to help develop new relationships between an organization and its alumni

YELLoop is a community support service that connects a company and its alumni, including retirees and seniors, and helps develop new relationships between them.

YELLoop enables a company to maintain contact with its alumni, using our community operation and management system dedicated to the company and alumni as well as consulting support. We provide this service to help develop new relationships between an organization and its alumni and create new values for each team and the organization.

Fully assists DX operators
A coordination service introducing the best partner to companies taking on the challenge of DX

“Mynavi DX Supporters” is a coordination service introducing the best solution (company/human resource/service) for the purpose of helping DX promotion companies solve their DX/AI/innovation challenges.

Our expert DX coordinators make proposals tailored to your company from a wide range of solution categories and support you at every stage from the beginning to completion of DX.

Introduce a new way to resolve issues by leveraging experience and human network
- Recruitment service for professionals leveraging their experience
“Mynavi Komon” is the matching service that links the persons who are looking for jobs in which they can leverage their fostered industry experience and management know-how with the companies seeking professionals who can support corporate management and business. The users include the persons who would like to contribute to the growth of a new company by leveraging their professional insights and human network for corporate management and business issues that reside in the current companies such as productivity enhancement, marketing strengthening, sales expansion, improvement of administrative structure, etc.
Leveraging your skills, living by your skills
- The service matching freelance or side job human resources with companies
– The service matching freelance or side job human resources with companies
It provides professional human resources with various job opportunities with which they can leverage their skills and also provides companies with employment opportunities with which their skills and experiences are utilized.
It also contributes to reduction of man-hours and prevention of contract troubles by totally managing the project from negotiation, contract, operation, invoicing, to payment. It aims at improving the productivity by forming teams regardless of inside or outside of the company.
Making job searching easier and more accessible
- Mynavi's job information summary site
“Mynavi Job Search” is a job information summary site operated by Mynavi.
It provides a comprehensive listing of job information for full-time, temporary, and part-time positions posted on the Mynavi Group’s job sites. You can easily search for local and regional jobs in various parts of the country and jobs that fit your lifestyle.
Find recommended clinics in your area
ー Clinic search and medical information site

“Mynavi Clinic Navi” lets you search for medical and dental clinics from data on more than 166,000 clinics throughout Japan. You can find a clinic that’s just right for you by combining area information, such as the town where you live or the station near your company, with the treatment specialty you’re looking for (e.g., internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry). Clinic recommendation articles, more than 100 of which are updated every month, provide information on clinics recommended by our editorial staff. We also post various types of helpful medical information.

The website of business independence and start-up information and business incubation information for individuals who are considering to start a business and corporations that are seeking a new business
“Mynavi Dokuritu” is the business independence and start-up information and the business incubation information services, which offer recruitment information including franchising, agency, subcontracting, freelance, etc. and the know-how required for business independence, for individuals who are considering business independence or start-up and for corporations which are considering new businesses. It also works in cooperation with “Mynavi Career Change” and provides career-changers with new options for their lives. We also hold “Mynavi FC & Business Independence/Start-up EXPO” and seminars across the country and prepare spaces for direct communication with each other.
Open the way to the future through selection and concentration
- Recruitment service that offers professional human resources in each field
“Mynavi Professional” is the matching service that links professional human resources in each field considering the way to work including additional jobs, side jobs, freelance, etc. with companies that are looking for human resources with specific skills, know-how, human network, etc. only for the required timing and terms. In the environment where the way to work is increasingly diversified according to the movement of reform of working practices in the world, it is widely used by individuals who are changing their current way of working and companies which are flexibly widening their recruitment scope.
A dependable partner right now, right by your side
‐A professional staff referral service for medical care, nursing care and welfare corporations

Mynavi Medical and Nursing Care Management is a service through which customers can take advantage of professional staff well-versed in the medical and nursing care sectors “when they’re needed and for however long they’re needed.”
By fusing the knowledge and expertise we have cultivated over the years with that of professional staff who are active on the frontlines of the medical care, nursing care and welfare domains, we help corporations resolve management issues and achieve further business growth.

Group Service

  • Mynavi Partners Referral

    Recruitment service that provides handicapped persons with follow-up support from employment to retention
    Business Owner: Mynavi Partners Corporation
  • Mynavi Partners Corporation

    Special subsidiary company of Mynavi, Mynavi Group outsourcing agency
    Business Owner: Mynavi Partners Corporation

    Operation of auctions handling authentic arts, of which the number of items handled is the largest scale in Japan
    Business Owner: Mainichi Auction Inc.
  • Mainichi Academic Forum

    Agency of academic society bureau and comprehensive consultant service of academy operation
    Business Owner: Mainichi Academic Forum Inc.
  • Mynavi USA Corporation

    Employment support for persons with study abroad experience and bilingual persons
    Business Owner: Mynavi USA Corporation
  • Mercury Staffing Co., Ltd.

    Temporary staffing and recruitment services for professional human resources specialized in financial industry
    Business Owner: Mercury Staffing Co., Ltd.
  • Early-Site

    Compensation advance receiving service and other factoring service
    Business Owner: Mynavi Bridge Corporation
  • Support Net for employment of foreign workers

    Information media useful for employment and hiring of foreign workers
    Business Owner: Mynavi Global Corporation
  • Advance payment service

    Advance salary payment and welfare program service
    Business Owner: apseeds inc.
  • Mynavi Creator

    Recruitment service specialized in the WEB, IT, game industries
    Business Owner: Mynavi Works Corporation
  • ブレイブ

    Temporary staffing and planned temporary staffing specifically for care workers, nurses, childminders, pharmacists, and call center workers
    Business Owner: BRAVE Ltd.
  • Mynavi Jobs 20's

    Recruitment service for semi-recent college graduates with work experience and younger people in their 20s to employ younger people with high potential
    Business Owner: Mynavi Works Corporation
  • Mynavi Visit Nursing

    Visit nursing specialized in mental problems
    Business Owner: Mynavi Nursecare Corporation
  • Mynavi Support Corporation

    Mailing, 3PL, telemarketing, office agency businesses
    Business Owner: Mynavi Support Corporation
  • TechFUL

    Operation of self-developed measurement and management tool “TechFUL” for programming skill
    Business Owner: 444 Inc.
  • Hippocra × Mynavi

    Clinical issues resolution service of for medical staff
    Business Owner: exMedio Inc.
  • Mynavi Staff

    Comprehensive temporary staffing service which has strength in the office job and creative job types
    Business Owner: Mynavi Works Corporation
  • Mynavi BOOKS

    Website for introducing and purchasing books, magazines and mooks, software, etc. published by Mynavi BOOKS
    Business Owner: Mynavi Publishing Corporation
  • itviec

    Operates recruitment website specialized for IT related job types

    Real estate related business including real-estate holding, trade intermediation, rental management, etc.
    Business Owner: Mynavi Fudosan Corporation
  • Mynavi Global Corporation

    Recruitment service and employment support for global human resources
    Business Owner: Mynavi Global Corporation
  • Mynavi Creative Factory

    Production outsourcing service specialized in WEB, video, graphics, etc.
    Business Owner: Mynavi Works Corporation
  • Mynavi Korea Corporation

    Development and recruitment support for global human resources who can actively work across borders both from Korea to Japan and from Japan to Korea
    Business Owner: Mynavi Korea Corporation
  • Mynavi Career Relation

    An indefinite-term employment staffing service specialized in the office workers of the younger generation
    Business Owner: Mynavi Works Corporation
  • Taiwan Mynavi Corporation

    Providing Taiwanese with support for finding a job in Japan, working during a working holiday stay, and employment in a Japanese-affiliated company in Taiwan
    Business Owner: Taiwan Mynavi Corporation
  • Mynavi Edge Corporation

    Indefinite-term employment staffing for design and development in the machinery field, the electric and electronic fields, and the system field
    Business Owner: Mynavi Edge Corporation
  • Test of World Heritage Study

    Detailed information about Test of World Heritage Study. Accept the application form
    Business Owner: Mynavi Cultural Business Corporation
  • Mynavi M&A Corporation

    Comprehensive M&A services including support for M&A and equity financing, business succession support, etc.
    Business Owner: Mynavi M&A Corporation
  • Mynavi BX Corporation

    BPO centering around call centers (customer support, help desk, etc.), employment outsourcing services
    Business Owner: Mynavi BX Corporation

    Development and operation of video communication platform for enterprises, Web interview service dedicated to employment interview, etc.
    Business Owner: FacePeer Inc.