The Mynavi Group’s Purpose is: “To create a world that envisions the future by engaging with individual potential.” The Purpose is the world view we try to draw in everything we undertake. We aim to face everybody, expand each individual’s potential, and provide new services that are not bound by current ways of life. We believe that the sentiments embedded in our Purpose and the business activities aimed at realizing it align with the principles of sustainability, which aim to achieve a sustainable society. In other words, we perceive that without a sustainable society, the Purpose we uphold would be unattainable.

The business environment surrounding us is rapidly changing, increasing uncertainty. Meanwhile, various social issues such as climate change, environmental concerns, labor burdens, and human rights issues in the supply chain are becoming more visible and serious. To sincerely address such social issues and accelerate efforts toward resolution, we have established a dedicated department to promote sustainability. We have formulated our sustainability basic policy and articulated our commitment to addressing social issues through our business activities. Additionally, we have identified the following five material issues. For each of these five material issues, we have set goals and will promote action plans to achieve them.

  1. Climate action (E)
  2. Contributing to the development of society through business (S)
  3. Promoting decent work (S)
  4. Promoting respect for human rights and diversity (S)
  5. Conducting business in a responsible way (G)

We believe that continuing efforts towards resolving material issues with the aim of realizing a sustainable society will contribute to strengthening our business competitiveness. By strengthening our efforts to address social issues, we aim to achieve both “contributing to the realization of a sustainable society” and “enhancing corporate value through sustainable growth, ” thereby pursuing “coexistence with society, ” which we pursue.

The Mynavi Group is committed to addressing material issues and other various social challenges in collaboration with all stakeholders, and strives to promote sustainability from environmental, social, and governance perspectives. Through these efforts, we will conduct social contribution activities to pave the way for a world that envisions the future.

Contributing to a sustainable society in pursuit of our Purpose means continually providing new value to society and remaining relevant and needed. We will continue to challenge ourselves in creating new value, aiming to be a Mynavi Group that is continuously needed by society, and strive for the enhancement of our corporate value.

Yoshiaki Tsuchiya

Representative Director, President and Executive Office
Mynavi Corporation