Our policy on the environment

We consider that initiatives to protect the global environment are essential to our business activities and that keeping the global environment sustainable is one of the most important issues that we should address.

In our Code of Conduct, we have made a commitment to “provide better information and valuable services and contribute to the creation of a richer and healthier society and environment through its business activities.” Based on this policy, we at the Mynavi Group will work as one to protect the environment in order to prevent a crisis that could pose threat to learning and work of future generations and to ensure that they will be able to lead safe and rich lives.

Climate action

Our policy on climate change

To advance climate action, which is one of the Mynavi Group’s material issues, we will take advantage of the distinct feature of our operations as information industry business and expand our efforts to prevent, to the maximum extent possible, a crisis that could pose threat to daily lives of our stakeholders, including learning and work.
We will also step up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to contribute to achieving a decarbonized society.

Initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions

The Mynavi Group is implementing energy conservation initiatives to reduce GHG emissions.
They include a variety of efforts, such as introducing LED lights in our offices across Japan, putting more plants in our offices, introducing LED lights with an automatic turn-off function, and introducing air-conditioners with an automatic turn-off function.

Other environmental initiatives

Our policy on initiatives to achieve a circular economy

Efficiently using the limited resources on earth, minimizing environmental impact through waste reduction and other efforts, and contributing to achieving a sustainable circular economy will lead to the fulfillment of our commitment to “create a world that envisions the future,” which is set out in the Mynavi Group’s Purpose. We consider endeavoring to achieve a circular economy as the Mynavi Group’s responsibility, and we will step up our efforts.

Initiatives to reduce waste

Since 2020, the Mynavi Group has changed the paper used for its original paper bags, company brochure, and other goods and publications into Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper, which is made in a way that takes care to conserve the forest environment. In our head office (Takebashi office), we have also put special bins to sort waste into five categories by type to promote recycling.

Future initiatives

Going forward, we will put waste sorting bins in the offices of our branches and sub-branches across Japan in addition to our head office to promote waste reduction efforts across the Mynavi Group. We will also implement new initiatives, such as using shared supplies at office and introducing a system to select and promote the use of environmentally friendly products.