Basic Sustainability Policy

Since founded in 1973, the Mynavi Group has been conducting business with the aspiration to trigger each user’s success and growth through its businesses related to people and their lives.In these VUCA times, as the environment surrounding us continues to change dramatically, people tend to feel a sense of uncertainty or a sense of insecurity when thinking about the future.

The Mynavi Group’s Purpose is: “To create a world that envisions the future by engaging with each individual’s potential.” This Purpose represents our wish to work with all stakeholders to build a bright future that values diversity and offers vast potential, though all of us are living in an uncertain world.

We aim to become a company that trusts individuals’ potential and continue to support new ways of living life to its fullest, rather than only offering predetermined choices. We strive to provide services that make daily lives more secure and richer, in order to achieve a world in which people are able to explore broader, more diversified career choices on their own will, work enthusiastically, and express their own way of life.

We also consider that it is a responsibility that our generation must fulfill to recognize the true value of the prosperity of today’s world and make sure to pass it on to the next generation, rather than taking it for granted. We develop an organization in which diverse people are able to demonstrate their ability, keep our decision process transparent, and strive to contribute to building a sustainable society, so that daily lives of stakeholders we work with, including work and learning, will be promising and bright.

We also strive to solve a variety of social issues surrounding our lives, endeavor to promote sustainability from the perspectives of the environment, society, and governance, and continue to conduct business to create a better future.