Mynavi Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya; hereinafter “Mynavi”) has made an additional investment in TopCV Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam; CEO & Co-Founder: Tran Trung Hieu; hereinafter “TopCV”), which operates a résumé-writing service and job-matching media, and turned it into an equity-method affiliate.

Vietnam’s population broke through the 100-million barrier in 2023, making it the third most populous country in Southeast Asia, behind only Indonesia and the Philippines. As the Vietnamese labor market enjoys rapid growth and enters a period of great change, so demand for human resources services is increasing.

TopCV operates a job-matching website and résumé-writing service in Vietnam that focuses on user convenience. In the seven years since its launch in 2016, the company has attracted approximately 6.9 million registered users, primarily from younger demographics. Today, the company boasts the No.1 share of traffic across all Vietnamese job-matching websites*.

In addition to its recruitment services, TopCV has earned a reputation for its outstanding product development, which encompasses a wide range of in-house products including attendance management SaaS systems and aptitude tests. In recognition for its efforts, in 2022 the company was announced as a winner of the government-sponsored “‘Make in Vietnam’ Digital Technology Product Awards 2022.” Going forward, it is anticipated that TopCV will continue to enjoy significant growth, as it works to meet Vietnam’s need for human resources solutions.

For its part, Mynavi will endeavor to share its expertise in the various services it operates in Japan, and provide support for the further expansion of its partner companies.

*Source: “Jobs and Career > Jobs and Employment (In Vietnam), July 2023,” from the Similarweb LTD website


Kazumasa Yoshida,Director and Managing Executive Officer of Mynavi Corporation (front-left) and Tran Trung Hieu, CEO & Co-Founder of TopCV Vietnam Joint Stock Company (front-right) at the HR TECH Conference on August 30, 2023