Mynavi Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya; hereinafter, Mynavi) will hold a pitch event “Global Innovators Pitch powered by Mynavi” for the first time on July 6th (Thursday) at “Kabukiza Tower” in Higashi Ginza, Tokyo, where overseas startups in the HR Tech and BPO industries will gather. A total of 6 companies from East Asia, Europe, etc. will visit Japan and introduce their services to help Japanese companies solve the staffing shortage and provide a foothold for overseas expansion.


■Purpose of holding the event

With the declining birthrate and aging population, the working-age population (ages 15 to 64) in Japan is estimated to drop to below 70 million in 2032, below 50 million in 2062, and decline to 45.35 million in 2070*1. Labor shortage is an urgent issue in economic activities of companies. Along with this, there is a concern that the size of the Japanese market will shrink, and it is conceivable that the number of companies seeking a way out in the global market will increase.

*1) National Institute of Population and Social Security Research “Population Projection for Japan (Estimated in 2023)”


This event is a pitch event for companies looking for a foothold to use overseas BPO*2 to solve labor shortages and enter the global market. On the day of the event, 6 global companies that undertake HR Tech and system development will visit Japan and introduce their services. Participating from a wide range of countries including East Asian countries, India and Poland, all the companies will be on stage for the first time at a Japanese pitch event.

*2) Abbreviation of ‘Business Process Outsourcing’. “Overseas BPO” refers to outsourcing part of the business process of corporate activities to an overseas contractor.


■Participating companies

[Taiwan] CakeResume (

Supports the recruitment of overseas personnel by Japanese companies through its overseas recruitment business that makes use of its extensive human resource database and its direct recruiting service.



[Poland] ChallengeRocket (

Operates a recruitment platform equipped with a unique skill challenge function (WEB test) and supports the recruitment of advanced IT and AI human resources.


[Thailand] GETLINKS (

Operates a recruitment platform focused on technology sectors. Maintains a database of abundant Asian human resources and supports Japanese companies in recruiting overseas human resources.


[Vietnam] NAL Solutions (

Provides agile development services by consistently supporting Japanese companies working to promote DX, from consulting to development and operation.



[Philippines] PENBROTHERS (

Builds an operation team for client companies in 30 days at the earliest, and supports Japanese companies in expanding overseas and reducing costs.



[India] People Matters (

Supports Japanese companies in expanding overseas through marketing support utilizing its customer referral network and its own media.

Mynavi will continue to actively create opportunities for interaction between Japanese companies facing issues of labor shortages, overwork, as well as overseas expansion, and overseas companies that can solve these issues.


■Event overview

Name: Global Innovators Pitch powered by Mynavi

Date and opening hours: Thursday, July 6, 2023, 13:00-17:30

Place: Mynavi Ginza Office (Kabukiza Tower 23F, 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)