Mynavi Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya; hereinafter referred to as Mynavi) has invested in SPROUT SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. (Head office: Singapore; CEO: Patrick Curtiss Gentry; hereinafter referred to as Sprout), a SaaS-based attendance and payroll management system provider in the Philippines.


The Philippines is experiencing a population explosion that is expected to continue until 2054, and the working population continues to grow. On top of this, there are extremely complex labor laws and systems, yet technology has not kept pace, and the burden of human resources and labor operations issues continues to increase. As a result, many companies are challenged by routine errors, such as omissions and miscalculations, creating disadvantages for both management and employers.


Sprout, the company we are making an investment in this time, is developing a SaaS product that can easily complete attendance management, payroll calculation, and reporting to government agencies within its system. Sprout has over 1,000 corporate clients and approximately 180,000 active users. With our company’s strengths in localization and scalability, we provide systems and support specific to the challenges and systems unique to the Philippines, making for a driving force that is strongly supported locally.


In the future, Sprout plans to grow as a sought-after company in the Philippines by providing not only HR and labor management services, but also fintech services to users, as well as a full range of services to clients.


Through this investment, Mynavi will support Sprout’s growth and contribute to a better working environment in the Philippines.




Location: 3 Coleman Street #03-24 Peninsula Shopping Complex, Singapore, 179804

*Company registration in Singapore, business base in Manila, Philippines

Representative: Patrick Curtiss Gentry

Established: 2017