We aim to create an environment where students can think about their future from their early years of school and think carefully about their careers, not only about receiving job offers, but also providing skills and knowledge for career realization through a range of self-analysis tools and free courses


Mynavi Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya; hereinafter referred to as “Mynavi”) launched “My CareerStudy,” (URL: https://mcstudy.mynavi.jp/), a new career learning site for all university students, on April 12 (Wed.) to help them think about their future and to acquire knowledge and skills to realize their careers.

[Background and Purpose of The Service]

Due to the decline in the working-age population, labor shortages have become a serious issue for Japan. Furthermore, rapid advances in the digital field and changes in the industrial structure are expected to place even greater emphasis on the individuality and skills of each student in a society where the future is uncertain and difficult to predict. In the future, a diverse workforce with diverse values and skills will be in demand.


Under these circumstances, Mynavi is releasing this service with the aim of creating an environment in which university students can think about their future from their early school years and think more carefully their careers beyond receiving job offers, rather than just making obtaining job offers their goal. 


[Outline of “My CareerStudy”]

“My CareerStudy” is a free online career learning site that helps students acquire knowledge and skills that are applicable in the workplace. In addition to taking the courses (e-learning), students can take an aptitude assessment that shows their basic working skills and personality traits.


Courses include “Business Skills,” “Career Design,” “Job Hunting Preparation,” “Student Life Support,” etc., and worksheets and confirmation tests are also provided to consolidate knowledge and deepen understanding.


[Features of “My CareerStudy”]

(1) Ample Self-Analysis and Career Design Tools

Along with the “MATCH plus Action, Work Style Diagnosis,” a wide variety of tools are available, including work style diagnostics and self/other comparisons as a starting point for thinking about your career. You can also use the Career Design Tool, which uses the results of your diagnosis to create a roadmap to help you reach the path and accomplishments you want to pursue in the future.


(2) Extensive E-learning Available Free of Charge

A basic course to learn skills and knowledge to be active in society offered by the My CareerStudy editorial team. At the time of launching the site, approximately 50 courses in five categories are available. A confirmation test is provided at the end of the course, and a certificate of completion is issued for 100% correct answers. The course attendance history can be checked easily.

In addition, seminars and workshops (meetups) will be offered later this fall to allow students to learn directly from company-provided courses and working professionals.


(3) Easy-to-Use Site Design for Taking Courses in Your Spare Time

The site is designed with smartphone users in mind, and courses are composed of short videos of 5 to 10 minutes, making it easy to take courses while on the move or in your spare time.


4) Seamless Login with “My CareerID” Is Available

Seamless login is possible using “My CareerID”, which allows users to use the same career-related services provided by Mynavi.


Mynavi will continue to actively develop new services and systems to realize our Purpose statement “To create a world that envisions the future by engaging individual potential.