Mynavi Corporation (Headquarters, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, and Executive Officer, Yoshiaki Tsuchiya) has invested in Able Jobs Inc (Operating location, Bengaluru, India; CEO, Ravish Agrawal), an Indian start-up focused primarily on providing upskilling training and job search support services for non-IT graduates.



Aside from the top 10–15% of higher educational institutions, most educational institutions in India continue to use outdated educational curricula as a result of teacher shortages and lack of government support. The resulting skills gap—between what new graduates have to offer and what recruiters and the current business environment are looking for—means that graduates are struggling to secure the positions they are aiming for. It is estimated that there are more than 6 million new graduates in India every year, and those living in suburban areas are particularly affected. This is becoming an increasingly prominent social issue.


India attracts significant attention for its highly skilled IT talent, but the issue of non-IT young talent struggling to find employment needs to be tackled if India is to realize its full potential for domestic economic development.


Able Jobs considers its mission to be the elimination of youth unemployment: that’s why it provides non-IT graduates with opportunities to upskill their business skills. The core users of Able Jobs services are university students and young graduates with 0–3 years’ worth of work experience. Through upskilling training focused on the skills required for careers in such areas as management, sales, marketing, and finance, and job search support services, Able Jobs is actively working to resolve the gap between what job seekers have to offer and what employers are looking for.


Through this investment, Mynavi continues its commitment to invest in companies offering promising solutions for social issues in India, in particular companies working on optimal solutions in the fields of education, employment, and talent development. By working towards the resolution of talent-related issues in India, Mynavi hopes to contribute to an enhanced quality of life in India, as well as to the fostering and availability of high-quality non-IT talent and, beyond that, to the expansion of our business throughout India.



▼About Able Jobs Inc

Company Name: Able Jobs Inc

Address: 3260, Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

*Company is registered in the United States; operating location in Bengaluru, India

CEO: Ravish Agrawal

Established: 2019