Mynavi Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative director, president and executive officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya) starts providing “TRUST POCKET,” a reference check service that will improve the accuracy of matches between job seekers and companies by acquiring information that cannot be obtained through documents or interviews, such as job seekers’ work attitude in their previous jobs and background, from third parties, including bosses and colleagues in their current and previous jobs.



[Reference check]

“Reference check” allows a company to acquire information about job candidates that cannot be obtained through documents or interviews from third parties who have worked with them before, including bosses and colleagues in their current and previous jobs and use such information to improve the matching accuracy and train successful candidates after they join the company. Many overseas companies use the reference check method to obtain candidates’ information such as their work attitude, background and skills from two or three referees who are mainly recommended by the candidates. Recently, there has been an increase in reference check services that can be completed online, rather than telephone-based check services.


[Reasons for developing TRUST POCKET]

According to Mynavi’s survey on mid-career recruitment in 2021, 34.4% of the respondent companies conducted a reference check in 2020 and 46.3% were considering or planning a reference check in 2021. More companies are expected to introduce or conduct a reference check in the future.

One of the reasons for such an increase in companies introducing a reference check is an increase in online interviews due to the impact of COVID-19, which make it more difficult to identify the personality, skills and other assets of each job candidate than face-to-face interviews.

 Because of such circumstances, Mynavi is going to release TRUST POCKET, a reference check service that allows a company to understand who its candidates really are by visualizing their past achievements and experience.


[Overview of TRUST POCKET]

TRUST POCKET is an online reference check service based on the concept “seamless transfer of duties in previous jobs.” It allows companies to acquire from third parties information about their job candidates that they want to check, including the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate on duty, simply through an online check.

Many job applicants, on the other hand, have a negative image of a reference check, as they often see it as an investigation. However, TRUST POCKET has been developed by incorporating applicants’ viewpoints so that they can demonstrate their diverse achievements to companies from the perspective of third parties. To help job candidates have a positive image of a reference check, TRUST POCKET is designed to ensure that they can use the service confidently and demonstrate their own strengths.


◆Key points in TRUST POCKET

・Asks questions that benefit job applicants, rather than burdening them, and allows companies to conduct a reference check easily and efficiently

・Provides multiple questionnaire templates (by job type and by post), which were developed based on recruitment records and know-how of about 210,000 companies

・Considers the security of the service to ensure that it can continue to be used confidently

・Offers fee options that can be chosen according to each recruitment requirement


◆Typical use flow of TRUST POCKET

・Identifying job applicants (supplementary to interviews)

It is used as supplementary information in interviews. Applicants are asked to answer a reference check questionnaire prior to their interview and more detailed questions are asked during the interview to prevent recruitment mismatches.

・Discovering prospective applicants

It is used to discover human resources who did not leave a good impression in their document screening or interview, but are likely to do splendid work on actual duty.

・Training (onboarding)

Training plans for successful applicants can be developed based on the results of a reference check questionnaire. It can be used to share the appropriate management of the applicants with their future bosses and determine workload and work details according to their skills. An onboarding program and a training plan are developed according to the personality and work style of each applicant to support them to do splendid work soon after they join the company and reduce the risk of early retirement.


[Details of the TRUST POCKET service]