Mynavi Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative director, president and executive officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya, hereinafter “Mynavi”) signed a capital and business alliance agreement with Panalyt Group Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; representative director and CEO: Daniel J West, hereinafter “Panalyt”), which provides a personnel data analysis tool.

“Human capital management” is becoming a trendy word which many CEOs are currently paying attention to, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the US made the disclosure of human capital information compulsory and the Ito Review for Human Capital Management was released, for instance. In June 2021, the Tokyo Stock Exchange revised its corporate governance code and added information disclosure items related to human capital. And in June 2022, the Cabinet Secretariat released Proposed Guidelines for Visualization of Human Capital.


As our social and economic environments change and work style reforms accelerate, including globalization, diversification and remote working, the importance of human capital is increasing more than before and a stronger focus is expected to be placed on human resource management.


Panalyt provides the Panalyt analysis tool, which processes data by linking various personnel systems used by companies and easily visualizes, with no code, about 100 types of key personnel indicators, including those recommended in ISO30414, the Ito Review and corporate governance code.


Mynavi provides total support in the HR sector, especially with recruitment and employment of human resources to development of human resources and organizations as well as follow-ups, while expanding its diverse business fields.


Through its investment in the joint venture with Panalyt, Mynavi strives to support companies to manage their human capital, create new values and provide services.



▼Corporate overview of Panalyt Group Co., Ltd.

Name: Panalyt Group Co., Ltd. (business corporation: Panalyt Inc.)

Address: 2-5-24 Minami, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Representative director and CEO: Daniel J West (CEO of Panalyt Inc.: Takako Ogawa)

Foundation: April 12, 2021