Health Management Declaration

We sincerely hope that Mynavi will be a presence that accompanies the user’s life and provides support for “me” in every situation of daily life. Therefore, the corporate brand name “Mynavi” represents our desire to develop “My navigator.” We conduct business activities from various aspects ranging from the HR field including employment, job changing, recruitment, part-time workers, etc. to the daily life field including news, marriage, graduation, agriculture, etc. Particularly in the HR field, we provide the services that promote maximum use of human resources and the sustainability of organizations such as support for health management, business succession, etc. We push forward our health management so that our employees can live their active daily lives with healthy mind and body and maximize their ability, as a company that aims at making contributions to improvement of the quality of professional and daily lives of individuals. We will also contribute to create pleasant and rich societies through the provision of valuable services.

1. Perform thorough follow-ups of employees based on their health check results to prevent their illnesses in advance.
  • Analyze the diagnosis of employees provided by the industrial doctor, and perform e-learning activities about trends and measures
  • Improve the smoking rate and perform information transmission and schooling about measures against lifestyle diseases, etc.
  • Promote notification and use of aid given by the health insurance association
2. Conduct efforts to improve dietary life to improve health awareness.
  • Perform information transmission and schooling about good dietary life
  • Leverage the resources of the Mynavi Group to provide healthy foods
3. Provide employees with support for living a healthy and rich life by creating exercise opportunities.
  • Perform information transmission and schooling for health related issues
  • Conduct self-care measures supervised by the industrial doctor
  • Promote use of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy clinic within the company
4. Prepare an environment for easier consulting and promote communication between employees to provide mental healthcare.
  • Operate an anonymous counseling room (hotline)
  • Improve accuracy of line care through training, e-learning, etc.
  • Leverage in-house training or events for specific topics, social media tools, etc. to activate communication within the company

Mynavi Corporation

Yoshiaki Tsuchiya, Representative Director and President Executive Officer


Health Management Promotion System


The representative director and the president executive officer assumes the chief executive post of health management to lead health management, and the executive board and the management council make decisions on important matters and report. The human resources benefits department is assigned to the health management promotion department to promote the creation of a work environment which maintains the good health of working employees by closely cooperating with the industrial doctor and the health insurance association.