Message by Mynavi – Kaz Yoshida

Since our company was founded, we have developed a wide range of businesses, including recruiting, human resources services, education, and marketing. All of our ventures share a common goal: to forge the future for our clients and users. The world is at a turning point, and we face a business landscape that is constantly changing and uncertain. Leveraging the wealth of experience we have accumulated over our 50-year history, we are embarking on the next phase of our journey. The focus of this endeavor is to bolster our international presence and shape the collective future of the entire Mynavi Group.  

Expand Your Future with Mynavi 

Let us support you as you take on new opportunities and shape your own future.

We will extend the Mynavi Group’s reach from Japan to the global stage, seeking higher value worldwide and becoming the preferred choice for our markets and our customers. Our approach is to not only evolve our existing businesses, but to also build relationships with partners and investees with the potential for impact and collaborate with them to address social issues in the countries and local communities where we have a presence.
Since 2017, we have been investing in and forming business alliances with overseas companies, and in 2023, we established the Global Business Strategic Office to promote these alliances more fully.

Our purpose is “to create a world that envisions the future by engaging individual potential.” To achieve this on a global scale, we are eager to engage with new technologies, business models, and startups. Such collaborations will enable us to embrace and reflect upon the potential of numerous individuals and companies, and ultimately empower us to grow together.